About Us


Since its inception VIP PDR Tools has always focused on 3 things: Quality, Comfort and Speed. 

Family run and created in the USA by longtime PDR technician Piotr Zamora, VIP PDR Tools specialize in knockdown tips and accessories for skilled technicians looking to improve and profit.

Like many technicians, prior to its launch in 2016 Piotr faced the same physical and financial struggles caused by low quality tools. With 19 year of experience in PDR and over 15 years as an Ex Master Collision Technician Piotr realized he needed a solution and began creating his own tools for himself and friends. Impressed with the quality, his friends pushed him to sell the tools for other technicians to benefit from as well. 

VIP PDR Tools are made locally in the USA and personally polished and inspected by Piotr. His care for detail is evident, down to creating magnetic handles for easy use. 

With the help of his wife and daughters, this small family owned and operated business ships all nationally and internationally. 

Tools are available at the following PDR stores:

  • Anson PDR
  • Dentcraft Tools
  • A-1Tool
  • Dent Tools  USA Warehouse
  • PDR Outlet
  • Inventure Tools


  • DentToolsEurope
  • TDN


  • Smart PDR Tools 


  • Tech -Treading Co. LTD

Just starting out? Perfect. Learning PDR on high quality tools can only improve your skills faster, speeding up your experience and getting you more work. 

Piotr finds joys in helping his fellow technicians and creating the best quality tools on the market. He credits his success to his years of experience and support from the PDR Community.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Please look around and join our VIP PDR family on Facebook and Instagram.