Leather Pushing Tip - Screw On Interchangeable Leather Tip 10 mm 3/8"

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 VIP Leather PUSHING Tip - Screw On Interchangeable        Leather Tip 10 mm 3/8"

      • Very strong leather tips for fine  90 degree pushing very large ,large and small dents perfect for hail roofs
      • Made of very high-grade special prepare non  slippery leather and aluminum
      • Small - lime green 3/8" 10mm in diameter 3/4" (20mm) long  excellent pushing tip
      • Great for pushing aluminum and steel panels without marking it
      • Fits most screw on tip rods
      • All standard threads 5/16
      • The leather tips are very effective and they need special care, push only 90 degree angle -do not push sideways
      • Always keep them very clean
      • Do not use on sharp edges - leather can be easily scratched or damaged