VIP LARGE Metal Heads - Cold Glue Tab Set with Magnetic Storage Box and oz VIP Cold Glue

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 VIP LARGE Metal Heads - Cold Glue Tab Set

                               with Magnetic Storage Box and 2oz VIP Cold glue


      • Made of high grade stainless steel
      • MADE IN USA
      • Set of 3
      • Made for larger dents and creases
      • Large - HALF Dollar size 1 1/8" (28 mm) 
      • Extra large - 1 9/16" (40 MM)
      • Rectangle - crease tab - 2 7/8" x 3/4" or 72x19 mm
      •  Need to  be prep before using
      •  Always keep them clean
      •  Adhesion promoter pouch and preparation instructions are included


                                      PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS

  • Prepare all 3 tabs at the same time
  • Clean the mushroom of the tip with alcohol (top, bottom, and sides)
  • Blow the moisture with propane torch or heat gun 
  • Open pouch included in the set
  • Wait a few minutes until the adhesion promoter evaporates 
  • Wash hands, then stick cold glue of your choice and firmly formate around the mushroom tip

                 YouTube: VIP METAL HEADS PREPARATIONS 


              GOOD LUCK $$$